December check-list:  5 things to do this month that will put you in a holiday mood

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With only a few days left of autumn, December will be here in no time and just like any other year, it will be all about Christmas magic, snowy parks, and hot beverages enjoyed while watching holiday movies. If you want this month to be truly remarkable, here are a few fun ideas of things you can do to help the magic find its way into your life.

Bake cookies

Cookies are a must for the holiday season, and what better time to bake them than the National Cookie Day celebrated on December 4th. Making them can be a fun bonding activity for your family and it will also put you all in a mood for the whole day. There are plenty of recipes to choose from, whether it is your nana’s beloved cookies or some other trendy recipe you found online. This year TikTok seems to be obsessed with the “melted-snowman” sugar cookies, so why not try making those together with your loved ones.

Buy a sweater

Autumn might be sweater weather, but there is no other garment quite this useful during December than a chunky, warm knit sweater. Forget about ugly Christmas sweaters and get yourself a nice merino wool Irish sweater made with beautiful stitches and intricate patterns you may find on websites as Tara. You can wear it on a daily basis if you want to protect yourself from any winter cold or you can dress it up with some nice pants and a fancy pair of shoes for the office party that you’ll have. Either way, a warm knit Irish sweater is sure to become your go-to wardrobe piece for the upcoming chilly weather.

Enjoy a caramel apple at a Christmas Market

Just like any other year, in 2022 the best Christmas Markets will be in Europe, especially in cities like Budapest, Prague, and Bruxelles, but if you don’t have any plans on visiting those this year, we’re sure there are some lovely holiday markets in your area. Caramel apples are a staple snack at these events, so enjoying one together with your partner, your family, or even by yourself will make a nice way to spend a winter night.

Organize Secret Santa

No December to-do list would be complete without Secret Santa, so organizing one this Christmas season will be a fun activity for your family, friend group, or work collective. After making a list of all the people who’d love to participate, determine a budget that works for all of you so that there will be no unpleasant situations when opening the presents. Making a wish list can also help greatly, as there will probably be some members who don’t know each other that good. Remember, Secret Santa is all about spending quality time together and enjoying little thoughtful presents.

Watch a bad Christmas movie

There are some classic Christmas movies that we all re-watch every year, be it Home Alone, How the Grinch Stole Christmas, or Elf. These are all brilliant movies with great casts that hit the spot every time you feel nostalgic. However, there is an undeniable charm in watching a bad Christmas movie, whether it is the terrible animation or the generic plot about a big city girl moving to her small hometown and leaving her businessman fiancé for a local guy dressed in a flannel shirt that she’s had a crush on in high school.

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