how to trace anonymous text messages

How to Trace Anonymous Text Messages

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Whether you are receiving unwanted text messages or would like to know the sender of a specific message, there are a couple of ways to track the source of a text message. Although tracking a source is not always possible without the help of your cell phone company, business phone numbers or those listed in public are easier to find. In this article, we guide how to trace anonymous text messages easily.

How to trace anonymous text messages?

  • Write and save the number you received. You receive future text messages from the same person. Write the content of each text message you receive if you continuously receive multiple messages to record the content.
  • Ask your family and friends if they recognize the issuer’s number if the area code is local or familiar to you. Your friends and family may be able to identify the person who is sending you the text messages.
  • Call the number directly from your cell phone to ask for the identity of the person. Call from another phone if the person refuses to answer calls from the phone that is receiving the messages.
  • Use free phone searches or directories of people to find matches.
  • Keep any threatening, racist or offensive message on your phone and in external memories if you have them. Forward the messages to close friends and family to save as a backup in case you lose your cell phone data. If unwanted messages continue, contact your telephone service provider and the local police department.

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how to trace anonymous text messages

Reverse directory search

If you receive a text message with a phone number unknown to you, try a reverse directory search. There are dozens of websites that allow users to enter a phone number and get at least general information about it, including the city of origin of the number and the provider. Since most cell phones are not shown in the public directory information, it may be necessary to pay a small fee to a specialized search company to perform the search using special databases. Carefully select the search company you will use to avoid being ripped off.

Cellular providers

Sometimes anonymous text messages can be sent, both through a web interface and using special anonymity technology. Call your cell provider if you receive harassing messages. Your provider can give you a report detailing the origins of calls and text messages, including mobile-to-mobile text messages that may not be displayed on the phone.

Application of the law

If someone is harassing you with text messages, report it to the police. Your local law enforcement agency can find people who use anonymous web portals to send threatening text messages. Most states have laws against cyberbullying that make harassing texting a crime, so calling the local police department is a good step to stop this abuse.

Short term resolutions

It may take some time for the police to find the anonymous sender. Until then, since most cell phone providers cannot block individual texts, you can find relief by turning off text message services on your phone for a few days. Avoid the temptation to respond with hate and wait for the law enforcement machinery to work on the complaint.

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