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What are digital media agencies?

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There are many digital media agencies. A digital agency is a type of business that delivers specific services to enhance the technical and creative aspects of internet-based products. These services can include anything from the basics such as email marketing, web-design, micro-sites to more specialized stuff like banner adverts, search engine optimization, viral campaigns, front-end development, podcasting, and many others.

Other specialized things include branding, social media marketing, mobile apps, PR and web technology development.

Don’t get mixed up; Digital agencies are not an advertising agency.

This is something to get your head around. A digital agency is not the same as an advertising agency. Advertising agencies mainly focus on the usual mass media. Digital agencies on the other hand deal with digital campaigns and the internet on the whole. In addition to that, advertising agencies make money from ad placement compared to the work itself. Digital agencies generally make their earning through the technical and creative services they are hired to complete.

Digital agencies don’t just focus on web design.

The main difference between a digital agency and a web design company is that a digital agency has broad and deep expertise in areas your usual web designer does not. A truly great digital agency gets the whole idea behind a client’s needs and has all the tools and skill to fill a client’s requirements and churn out a winning multi-platform digital campaign. If there are any bits or pixels involved, your digital agency should be able to help you with that until you are satisfied with the end result.

Digital agencies help in solving problems by thinking creatively.

Digital media

It is not just enough to know about the technology and related tools. A digital agency will also have excellent storytellers and those who can solve problems creatively. A good digital agency rises above its competitors by forging a strong partnership with its clients and constantly thinking of new ways its clients can have an advantage over the new and continuously evolving technologies.

A lot of organizations are moving towards embracing this new digital model with breakneck speed. It is understandable as businesses realize this is the most cost-effective, measurable and successful way to spend their money.  Smart business realizes that by working together with a digital agency they have a way to share their stories with the world because a digital agency has the creative, tactical and most importantly the strategic expertise to drive their business forward.

Almost all digital media agencies focus on the marketing and selling of a big flashy website. The more intricate the site is, the more it costs and therefore better for the agency’s business. However, the market for that sort of business is slowly dying down.

A more ideal model would a digital agency that sells a package of about 100 small digital experiences compared to spending a lot of time and effort on one big experience. This way it can be done more cheaply and quickly.

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