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4 strategies to increase the sales of your restaurant with Use Instagram

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Use Instagram– Clearly dominates social networks and the world of hospitality. Nobody wants to have to imagine what they are going to eat in your restaurant. They want irresistible photos, all the details and of course not the last to go and try it.

Let your clients promote your restaurant with their use Instagram posts, for you it is easy and above all free. Therefore you must learn to make the most of this social network. Only if you want your sales do not stop rising.

One of your objectives, to begin with, should be to make your restaurant more use Instagram. Or what is the same. The perfect place where your customers want to take photos that get many likes on use Instagram. And that for you translates into more customers and more sales.

How to get it?

best Use Instagram

  • It includes the most popular foods in use Instagram hashtag, such as pizza, hamburgers and sushi.
  • Get your restaurant well lit.
  • Pay attention to the decoration and includes beautiful and photogenic spaces.
  • Take care of the assembly of your dishes, dishes and tables.
  • We already know that many restaurants like yours also have social networks. But you can make your posts on use Instagram stand out and attract more looks than yours.

Millennials and Generation Z, your great allies.

People of all ages and tastes using Instagram. But in the hospitality industry, pays more attention to the millennials users and Z generation .

They are the ones who are going to give life to your social networks. Since about 70% not only take pictures of their food before tasting it. But share them with their friends and followers.

Soon other people will want to imitate you. Live that experience and be able to take your own photo that in turn will reach more people.

Here you have a lot to see what you make them feel with each of your publications. No one will want to interact with you if you only share photos of your menu. Or if they have the feeling that you are only interested in selling them your latest promotion.

Create posts on use Instagram that raise the sales of your restaurant

Write down these 4 key strategies to make your restaurant’s use Instagram account take your sales to another level.

Create a content calendar

restaurant with Use Instagram

Instagram, unlike other social networks, is characterized by publications at the moment, especially after the appearance of the stories. Your followers want to know what you are doing now, to share those spontaneous moments that are lived in your restaurant. Almost as if they were audiences of a reality show.

But, at the same time, it is effective to follow a specific line for your publications. Not everything must be spontaneous. On the contrary, the publications must be well thought out, not to share anything. But something that really helps you to sell more.

Create a calendar with your upcoming events and promotions so you know how many publications you have to do before the big day. And to save time, plan on what you are going to publish each day. And that your content will be varied and directed to sell more.

For example, on Monday you can share a photo with a breakfast from your restaurant, on Tuesday a publication about the event that is closest, on Wednesday a photo about your equipment, and so on.

Encourage your customers to post content about your restaurant

the sales of your restaurant with Use Instagram

If you motivate your customers to share photos of your restaurant. It is a very effective way to promote it and for you suppose a zero cost. They are already taking pictures of your restaurant. Your dishes and how well they are doing, so give them a reason to do it more often.

People are fans of contests and raffles, so do not hesitate to take advantage of it.

For example, you can propose that if they post a photo of their food and use a hashtag related to your restaurant, they can win one of your breakfasts or any product they like: a special shake, a dessert … etc. Make sure your hashtag is visible in your restaurant and when you see it remember constantly that there is a contest in progress.

And when your customers share their photos, share them in your Instagram account. In this way, you will not only be showing that you like them to participate, but other people will be able to see how much they enjoy your restaurant and at the same time you will be creating new content for your account.

Contact influences

We can not deny the power that the publications of the influential people in social networks have in us: clothes that are exhausted in a matter of hours because a blogger uses it in their last photo, products that they recommend of any kind, restaurants that have visited, destinations to travel …

  • A photo is enough to create the need to want to have it in millions of people!
  • But in your case, it is not necessary that you seek the contact of any world celebrity.

You just have to search social networks who are the most popular and influential people in use Instagram in your area: fashion bloggers, food bloggers, related to healthy life if you have products of this style, known You tubers … etc. Contact them personally and invite them to spend a day in your restaurant. In return, they will share their experience and photographs and their recommendations will make a large part of their followers curious to meet you and try your dishes.

Investigate the hashtags before using them

discover Use Instagram

 Instead of using any hashtag that comes to mind or not using any, research the hashtags you want to include in your publications to make sure you reach the right audience.

The most effective is to use a mix of popular hashtags like #foodporn or #coffeelover , and hashtags targeting your customers based on your location. If you only use those that already have thousands of publications, yours will not be practically visible.

To find the right hashtags for your restaurant, there are free tools that will help you. You only have to write the hashtag you want to investigate and you will quickly see how many people are using it, who is using it (is it the right audience?) And what other related ones you can add to your publication to increase its reach.

Regarding the amount of hashtag that you can use, it can vary according to the audience; however, if you use very few you may not reach all the segments you could; but if you use too many, you may seem too anxious and get the opposite of what you are looking for. Six or seven is a good start.

If you start up these 4 strategies to take advantage of the use Instagram account of your restaurant, you are on the right track to increase your sales and attract many more customers influenced by this social network.

But remember that what your customers will value most is a brand with a strong identity, where people are part of it. Your link with your restaurant will be stronger and more durable if you manage to make them feel that they are talking to people and not with a robot that only shares promotions and wants to sell something in each photograph.

If these strategies have seemed interesting to you and you want to know in what other ways you can increase the sales of your restaurant thanks to the marketing strategies for restaurants on Instagram, you will be happy to know that there is much more.

So if you want to know the strategies that work best and use the most successful restaurants on use Instagram to increase followers and get sales, see how the  Strategies Marketing on Instagram  will help you get it.

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