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Instagram Marketing What we should do and what not

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Instagram has become one of the most powerful platforms for companies to advertise in their businesses and attract more customers. That is why we must be very clear about the actions that we must carry out in our business and which ones we should avoid doing, for our Instagram marketing action plan.

To start we will say that we must not forget that this network was conceived to be purely visual. So it is very important that we pay close attention to the content of both images and videos that we will upload to it. Taking care of the visual factor and enhancing images and attractive content is crucial to make our profile grow quickly and naturally.

Things we should NOT do to carry out a good Instagram marketing strategy :

Misuse the hashtags

instagram marketing

Hashtags are one of the peculiarities used correctly on Instagram, they help us to classify our content much better and find information about what interests us.

It also facilitates the fact of making available to our users, the content that interests them and helps them find it better.

If we use them badly, we are missing out on one of the most powerful advantages of this social network. We must use concise hashtags, which are representative of our market niche or the information we publish in our profile.

Follow and stop following the users continuously

It is a very common practice to start following someone on Instagram and once we have managed to continue to stop following him.

The goal of creating a broad community on Instagram is to create contacts that interest both parties and we can have a rich and mutually beneficial relationship. It is important to follow only those users who really contribute value and are of interest to us. You also try corporate social networks to boost your business promotion.

Upload a lot of content at once or continuously

This can bring us a double problem:

instagram marketing

  • So much information can saturate our users
  • Instagram can downplay our publications if we upload many at once. When it comes to competing in the data feed with the other publications, it will show only the one with the most interactions.

Things we MUST do to carry out a good Instagram marketing strategy

  • Publish daily and at the right times.

We must analyze what are the hours in which our users are more active on Instagram to program our publications and have a more active presence in those time slots.

  • Encourage our followers to interact with our publications.
  • Make them participate in our posts.

Launch questions, encourage them to comment and put emphasis on interaction with them.

  • Publish videos Increase the link with our users.

According to the figures reported by Facebook, more than half a million people consume videos every day. So having them very present in our Instagram marketing strategy will help us increase our link and interaction with our followers. It is recommended that they be videos of less than 1 minute; They are the ones with the most interaction on the part of the users.

Publish more stories on Instagram

One of the ways to connect more and better with our followers is through Instagram stories. These will help us to improve our profile and humanize our business.

Invests in paid Instagram ads

Currently, the advertising investment in Instagram has skyrocketed especially in this last year, establishing itself as one of the main social networks by which businesses opted to carry out their advertising on social networks.

Undoubtedly, more and more companies are betting on Instagram when advertising their products, catalog or services. But … do we know how to carry out an effective strategy to promote our business on Instagram?

Although anyone can venture to make their first steps when it comes to advertising on social networks, we will say that this is a basic error that many small businesses carry out, since they do not have a broad budget for their marketing strategy.

instagram marketing

Creating ads a priori may seem easy, but making them effective and above all that we do not cause a large financial outlay, is a more complicated task.

That is why from Adtuo we advise you to always be in the hands of good professionals. When it comes to boosting your business with online advertising.

We create personalized campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, so you can reach your target audience. The one that really feels interested in your business and your products.

With this what will you save? … Well, apart from time and money, you will save in worry and frustration. Since you only have to request the campaign … and the rest is on our side!

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