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7 marketing concept that you always used and did not know!

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Marketing concept– What is the role of marketing in the day to day of your company? If you think you are doing less than you should to make your business gain visibility, you are not alone.

Many entrepreneurs do not understand much of the matter. Believe they do not have enough budget or have already tried to use some tactics without great results.

That’s why so many people give up marketing concept or resist investments in the area. But, what if I told you that you’ve always done marketing, even without realizing it?

The Digital Marketing concept is full of techniques, tools. And processes that can confuse rather who does not work with it every day. That’s why you should not concentrate so much on what you do not know.

See now how the actions you have always done to attract customers can be used to build a strong and lucrative digital strategy!

Marketing concept that you already use without realizing

the marketing concept

You who believed that marketing was not an integral part of your business. You will be surprised with the list below. It has no less than 7 very common tactics in a digital marketing concept.

Discover how your company always used established marketing concept to conquer. And retain customers, without even noticing:

Affiliate marketing

top marketing concept

Do you remember when you offer commissions for other people to promote and sell your products? This is affiliate marketing.

Basically, you outsource a good part of the disclosure and sale. And you share a small part of the benefit with the partner.

Affiliate marketing is a very common strategy for info products. As they are called digital products that offer some valuable information to the public.

In this category, we can include books in digital format, lectures and online courses, spreadsheets, etc.

The tactic is so effective that there are even companies dedicated only to it. Not counting blogs, courses and training on the subject.

Tests A / B

Suppose the “buy” button of your preferred virtual store is red. To know if that color has a positive impact on sales. The owner could compare the red button with one of another color, such as green.

Then, it is possible to do a test between the two color variations to check which of the two has more impact on the conversion of visitors into sales. For example. When done in a controlled environment, with all other variables that impact (such as the button text and button location on the page). It becomes a good example of an A / B test .

But think carefully, how many tests like this have you done in your company? In many cases, they are changes as subtle as changing a showcase, a portfolio or changing the products of place and see what is best for sales.

Loyalty programs and indications

the marketing concept

Discount coupons sound like music to the ears of any customer. But they tend to work better when they are part of a loyalty program.

A very common example occurs in cafeterias and restaurants: at each purchase, the customer earns a coupon. After collecting 10 coupons, win a sandwich or a free pizza, for example.

The indication programs are also very successful, and they work as simply as: indicating a specific number of friends and earning discounts or advantages in your own service.

In the digital world, this type of program has already been used by companies such as Uber and Dropbox and continues to be successful with thousands of businesses of the most varied sizes and market segments.


If ever your company has already joined forces with another business to gain exposure or generate joint sales opportunities, you have already made use of co-marketing .

This is one of the most powerful ways to get clients without spending a lot. Therefore, some companies that are a reference in the market and have large marketing budgets already do so.

The most common way to do co-marketing in the digital environment is by producing content, either in the form of an article for blog, e-book, online conference or other.

The production of the material can be divided or made by only one of the companies, but the interesting thing about this strategy is to share the dissemination efforts and the contacts that will be generated from this material. Thus, both companies have the opportunity to disclose their brand to a new contact base.

Segmented ads

In digital marketing concept, segmented ads , that is, directed so that only the profile of the selected public can see them, are used strategically to generate excellent results.

In the offline world, this practice was already used, although in a slightly more primitive version. By distributing pamphlets in front of a shopping center or at a specific point in the city where you know that your audience usually attends, your intention was probably the same as who uses online segmented ads, that is, reach the public wherever they are.

Seasonal marketing

Many companies use popular events or news of the moment to attract attention and generate commitment in social networks, by email or in virtual stores.

Major sporting events, such as the World Cup and the Olympics, as well as popular hashtags on social networks are the most exploited opportunities.

Has your company already used events or news that everyone was commenting on to promote themselves? Then you did seasonal marketing concept!

Customer Success

discover marketing concept

Customer Success is one of the most used modern marketing concept in companies. This term refers to a new type of customer service, which goes beyond support. The responsibility extends to ensure that the customer knows how to use the product or service offered by the company in the best possible way. The idea is that if the client has consistent results with your products or services, he will remain as a client for more time.

The more loyal customers , the greater the success of your business, now and in the future. It is what so many small businesses achieve by offering good service and quality care.

And who thinks that the attention and quality of the products have nothing to do with marketing is wrong. These factors have never been so important to get and keep good customers.

What does that mean for your business in practice?

The biggest lesson you can take from this list is that marketing concept does not need to be a monster with seven heads. Even without knowing, many companies already use the main techniques of digital marketing to sell more and make customers happy.

It is clear that this scenario can improve (a lot) when you put these same actions into practice within a structured process, which allows you to evaluate the results and learn with them every day. That’s what we’re going to talk about next.

If your company uses the best known techniques in digital marketing concept in an analog way, the next step is to enter that environment also to take full advantage of the benefits of the strategies.

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