Latest business technology

Latest business technology that will drive digital businesses in 2019

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Over the years, latest business technology has become a vital factor for organizations that want to grow and be at the forefront of competition.

Precisely the adoption of new technologies implies one of the biggest challenges that companies must face today. It’s not only to make a difference in the competition but also to get closer to their customers.

Latest business technology and business ideas

According to the expert Nicholas Evans, in 2017 we have seen new technological agents coming into action as value-enhancing elements within digital business models and processes. Likewise, technologies that are enhancers of the digital experience, such as IoT, intelligent automation, wearables and augmented reality applications, have begun to be used more frequently by companies “with visionary perspectives to sculpt innovative spaces and enchant their clients with new impressive experiences, different from everything that has been seen before “.

This need to look for visionary and innovative perspectives has made companies begin to find ways to offer users what they really need in the digital age. For example, a study by The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) on innovative companies indicated that those organizations that adopt technologies for mobile devices grow faster than others.

But this is not all, because of investing in mobile applications, companies could adopt digitalization in the analysis of competition, in the electronic management of resources and in the organization of stock. As you can see, there is no lack of options, because regardless of the latest business technology ideas, everyone can take the path of digitalization.

Latest business technology


The technologies that will change businesses

There are endless technologies capable of driving businesses that want to take the path of the digital world, so, here we share some examples so they can define which of them could be useful in their companies.

  • Virtual Reality: This is a trend that has taken on greater importance especially in recent years. Companies can use virtual reality to create new and better experiences for their customers, even relying on the same mobile devices.
  • Social networks: This latest business technology topic is basic for a business that wants to follow the path of digitalization. Social networks can be used to generate a space for participation and interaction with the target audience.

Latest business technology

  • Internet of things: According to IDC, the global Internet of Things market will grow to 1.7 billion in 2020, so this trend can definitely be of great help to companies that want to grow and drive themselves making a difference compared to the competition
  • Facial recognition: Although it is the latest business technology and has not been fully developed. It is expected that in the future, banking-related companies will be the ones that take advantage of this trend. By implementing it, supermarkets or stores could have a more grounded control over who is in the cash register, making a prior facial recognition. This would be very useful to improve business safety.
  • Artificial intelligence: According to the study ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI), the future of growth’, carried out by Accenture, in collaboration with Frontier Economics , IA will have a prominent role in the developed economies, to the point that, by the year 2035, it is estimated that its use will double the indicators of economic growth. Therefore, from our days we have seen how companies have started to resort to this latest business technology, mainly due to the explosion of data they have to manage.

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