how to sell in difficult times

How to Sell in Difficult Times? Follow These Tricks to Handle

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Often you wonder what is the secret of the success of some companies sells service in difficult times. What do they do? What do they sell to be different from other companies? How do you manage to be one of the destinations with the highest loyalty rates in the world?

Your success is due to the ability to create an experience around your product or service. The most successful companies are said to have increased budgets to improve the customer experience by up to 75%. Above the investments made so far; But why? Just to make a difference in terms of competitiveness.

How to sell in difficult times?

The Internet makes everything at the click of a mouse; It provides you with the tools to achieve and strengthen close links with your clients. everything progresses faster. Speed ​​is the key that defines current times, everything runs at a rate that exceeds with crises any other time in history.

how to sell in difficult times

From the point of view of economic supply, experiences replace services. The economic function changes and is related to a scene rather than a delivery. The nature of the offer goes from the intangible of the services to the memorable.

The seller goes from being a simple supplier to the figure of the one who stages an offer. The buyer goes from being a customer to a guest and the demand factors go from being benefits to sensations.

From the rational to the emotional

Although the rational process is relatively slow, the emotional gains speed. In general, our way of reacting to any situation is as follows. We perceive something through the senses, it is rationally processed and information is sent to the emotional part of the brain.

What generates a state and then we behave in a certain way. But there are situations where we are prepared to react quickly; because there is no time to do all that process.

Because of this, marketing experts, neuroscience, and psychologists understand that emotions can impact a purchase three thousand times faster; than even any sales strategy. the emotional sell more than ration it.

It is proven that many of the daily living decisions that human beings make are influenced by the emotional; which can be very effective when planning your sales strategies; If you can establish a link with the emotional side of your client, there will be much more possibilities that he will buy.

In the end, what you will achieve is the same type of relationship as those historically generated by religions, political parties, etc. In other words, ensuring that you cannot rationalize your client’s response to what should be the cause that has motivated him to make a choice. I asked why they bought your product or service.

In conclusion, relationship marketing proposes to identify the most profitable customers to establish a close relationship, obtain a greater knowledge of them and continuously adapt to their needs, in order to achieve maximum value for as long as possible.

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