Four marketing tips from the experts this Christmas

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When you run a business, Christmas is a great opportunity to say thank you to your customers and reward their loyalty for the year gone by. It is also a great time to launch a last-minute ad campaign, particularly if you are lining up a new year’s promotion. Here are some ideas to get you started.

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1. Refresh your banner ads

Now is a great time to create some high-impact HTML 5 ads that incorporate feelings of joy, celebration and togetherness over the holiday season. Use a specialist provider such as The Bannermen for the best possible results with your campaign.

2. Think about messaging

This has been a hard year for many, especially with the cost of living crisis persisting. Offer a money-off discount or ways to gift and share thanks with loved ones without breaking the bank. Lower-cost gifts, vouchers and promotions will go a long way, especially if you focus on attributes such as joy, sustainability, and thoughtful buying. Remember to use the full range of digital marketing tools at your disposal to share your messages.

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3. Think differently

A lot of people are moving away from the over-consumption and indulgence of Christmas, so focus your HTML 5 ad campaign messaging on smart indulgences that are sustainable rather than damaging to the environment. This will help to build brand loyalty and show that your brand is committed to ethical business rather than sales for the sake of sales.

4. Say thanks

It is also a great time to say thank you to your customers. Send out communications in the formats and platforms they use and value, offering a genuine thank you and a token of your appreciation. You can also highlight all the great things to come from your brand in 2024.

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