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Digital Marketing: 6 tips for a successful strategy

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Sometimes we like to combine the concepts of digital marketing with those of other industries (such as fitness), so that we can best convey our marketing philosophy to you. For example, personal trainers design fitness routines for customers every day, and with the passage of time, they add new exercises to increase their benefits. Consider the same concept of gradual improvement and apply it to your marketing strategy. Similar to any fitness program, you need to improve your digital marketing strategy to further improve your performance.

You can start by considering these 6 tips to create a successful digital marketing strategy …

Have a professional website

Whenever a potential customer visits a gym, look at the physical of the personal trainer, who manages the gym or the owner. Do you agree? In the same way, all your digital marketing efforts such as social media, e-mail, etc. they will bring your potential customers to the website. Which is the central point for all social media strategies, SEO, paid campaigns. Therefore, it is important to develop a high impact website. Remember, even if your gym is not open 24 hours a day, the website is.

When it comes to web design, remember these 3 simple but important rules …

  • Make sure the website is ready to offer the best user experience on different devices
  • Create a clear and simple call to action that will guide visitors through web pages
  • Use a reliable content management system to update them appropriately and accurately

Digital Marketing

Use social media to improve online performance

With millions and millions of smartphone users and subscribers to platforms like Facebook and Twitter, it should not be necessary to explain why social media is the best channel to increase brand awareness. However, it is important to know what to promote and how to do it.

  • Promote the social media team: Staff is a very important part of the brand. Since they work with your customers, you should make them visible, highlight their experiences and let them interact with users. This helps to increase the trust of existing customers and ease the decision-making process of possible customers.
  • Share important moments: Social media platforms are designed to share stories and highlight your business. Let users know your routine and your strengths. This will help them learn more about your company.

Create video tutorials

Videos are the best way to engage potential customers, in fact, they have the ability to increase the interaction because they transmit a great deal of emotions and actions. The following types of videos are the most effective and engaging …

  • Educational videos
  • Customer testimonials
  • The presentation of new services / products
  • Events or competitions

Be sure to post videos on YouTube and Facebook. As part of Google, YouTube is the largest search engine in the world. In addition, a YouTube video can easily be incorporated into your website.

Digital Marketing

Write blog posts on the most frequently asked questions

With the transition from traditional to digital marketing, relevant content has become more important than ever. Blogging is a winning activity for both you and Google. It helps you with your SEO strategy and meets Google’s standards when it comes to providing the best possible referral to meet a user’s request. In addition to this, blogs are one of the best ways to educate and answer questions from potential customers. In the case of the gym you can talk about the benefits of diets, healthy food recipes, fitness tips and much more.

Investing in advertising

In many areas, competence is really difficult. To reduce your marketing costs, you need to look for the most convenient advertising channels. However, you should first make sure that these investments provide quality returns. For example, when investing in online advertising, you should be aware of what the cost per click (CPC) is. In fact, a click means someone has just visited your website, the landing page or an offer. Creating tailor-made advertising for a well-defined demographic group is the best way to convert that person into a client.

Digital Marketing

Consider the development of a mobile application

It is difficult for any company to find ways to increase brand awareness and maintain brand loyalty. A mobile application can be the best tool to handle both of these situations. In the gym example, consider offering some free physical exercise videos to attract new users. You can also add a feature for existing customers to get statistics on their progress and save diet plans. This will increase the value of existing customers, and will help you create new opportunities to acquire more customers.

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