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New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe: It’s a classic, it’s current and it’s also the first obligatory appointment of 2019 in Switch

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New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe again demonstrates why the simple act of giving a new opportunity to the essential jewels of Wii U is a formidable move by Nintendo. And it is not for less, it is a platform that guarantees fun, adventures and what they call nintendera magic.

Three combined elements that would fit any system perfectly, but that Switch takes advantage of. In fact, we already told you that this Deluxe edition adds all the contents seen in the title released in 2012, as well as those released a posteriori. However, there are a couple of additions that do not go unnoticed.

The king of the platforms returns to Switch, yes, in a unique context and after starring thunderous successes as Super Mario Odyssey and have a leading role Super Mario Kart, Super Mario Party or Super Smash Bros. But, as we will see, far from supposing a handicap at the time of returning this essential, have helped make their return more meaningful than ever.

Super Mario Bros

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, essential then and essential now

Switch already has its first main course of 2019, and it should be kept in mind that it has not been defrosted to serve it again: its ingredients are still fresh.

The saga New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe started in Nintendo DS regained the best of the saga platformer and with each new release have been adding good news: new power-ups with which to emphasize the exploration and experience, the triumphant return of Yoshi or the celebrated games with four players.

All that is there with the same starting point: Bowser has taken Princess Peach. However this time there is a rotation in the diners that we will see in the opening scene: next to Mario, Luigi and the yellow Toad we will see Toadette. Even Caco Gazapo joins the rescue!

Super Mario Bros

Ahead, an adventure with extremely varied levels in terms of its playable proposal: hills, mines, castles, deserts, enchanted mansions and charming forests designed with care, but generously laden with secrets that will test not only our reflexes, but our observation and skills.

To which we must add two luxury extras: New Super Luigi. U, which adds tighter physics, and lots of tests and challenges that raise replay value to infinity.

All added makes New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe the largest and most complete heir of the Super Mario Bros. series taking elements borrowed from each delivery and adding new challenges and surprises to its formula. So, what does Deluxe do to this edition?

Super Mario Bros

Much more than a safe bet for fun

A subtle detail, but a preview of one of the key elements when addressing this edition: Toadette and Caco Gazapo, or rather their skills, not only make the game more accessible to all, but also give new nuances to the adventure.

In essence, when we create a game we can alternate from the screen selection menu, inherited directly from Super Mario World, between any of the five heroes. Mario, Luigi and Toad still have that balanced mobility that drives us to perform jumps and impossible pirouettes, mixing ninjutsu and parkour.

But the two new additions retake the variety of Super Mario Bros. 2, the western version, offering new solutions when facing the fascinating and colorful levels and their enemies, but also being the gateway for everyone to us accompany in the adventure.

Super Mario Bros

Thus, the player who controls Caco Gazapo will not have to worry about the enemies. And those who play with him will not have to worry about it being eliminated, although the precipices and the lava will continue costing extra lives that, by the way, will easily get: each cumulative power up will add a life to the touch of the pennant.

Until now the solution was to use a bubble to overcome delicate areas, but then, where is the fun?

It could be said that Toadette has two modes: it can be done with the usual Power-ups, but it has the exclusive Super Crown, which turns it into Peachette, adding unique tools and abilities, improving its jump, allowing it to float and even being able to perform an extra boost.

Super Mario Bros

For many, Switch has been a re-encounter with the world of video games. For others it has even been the contact. And, personally, as I have spoken on more than one occasion, I have witnessed how Switch has an enormous facility to congregate the whole world becoming one of the protagonists of our home meetings.

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe not only continues that trend but adapts the Wii U title to all previous profiles.

The perfect excuse to get Joy

The result? If we choose to play alone, we can explore and squeeze the outstanding levels with perfect skills to collect those coins that resist us or reach those impossible areas without having to worry about what happens on the screen.

Super Mario Bros

But it is in the company where these additions shine with their own light, so that experienced players, the smallest and anyone who resists playing because they do not kill him every now and then can enjoy the full experience.

A true genius and the perfect excuse to get a couple of extra controls in addition to the Joy Cons that accompany the console … if we did not already have the exit of the referred Super Mario Kart, Super Mario Party or Super Smash Bros.

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe is a safe bet for fun and the next love letter from Nintendo Switch to the multiplayer sofa designed so that everyone can join the adventure. But also the most varied and entertaining game of the series New Super Mario Bros., which is not little.

A jewel that will have a deserved new opportunity to shine in Switch starting next January 11th.

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