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7 perfect games like XCOM

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XCOM had its origins with the delivery-COM UFO Defense in the United States (or UFO Adversary Unknown in Europe). It erected its fashionability on the rage in wisdom fabrication and other games like XCOM back also, as well as its new turn-grounded politic combat system.

Still, released only in 2020, we’ve good news for you moment we bring you 10 perfect games like XCOM that you’ll surely enjoy If you’re one of the suckers who have formerly passed XCOM Chimera Squad.

1. Jagged Alliance 2

Developed by Sir-Tech Canada, and released in 1999, Jagged Alliance 2 is the oldest game on the list, and compatible with Windows and Linux systems.
As the main character, you’ll have to prepare a team of mercenaries to liberate a fictional country called Arulco, and conquer the chart, to master the despotic governance of Queen Deidranna, who seized power in dishonest ways.

The events take place in an animated 2D terrain, with movements and action in real-time, making it an expansive but grueling game. We recommend installing some mods that increase its resolution until it’s more acclimated to current norms.

2. UFO Afterlight

Inspired by the first XCOM titles, UFO Afterlight was born in 2007, for Microsoft. The game takes shape in a 3D terrain and real-time combat with pauses.
On this occasion, a group of humans was expatriated to a colony on Mars, where they end up awakening its alien occupants by trying to make it inhabitable.

Like utmost games like XCOM, this bone also has two modes. In the global strategic view, you can expand your lands, construct structures and bases, collect coffers and manage your outfits. In politic mode, the game maintains combat with pauses in real-time. Give it a pass and you will not lament it.

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3. Xenonauts

Xenoauts is revived in 2014 for Microsoft, Linux, and OS X, after its original release 10 times before. It all begins on Earth during the50’s-60’s when a UFO enters our atmosphere in a hostile way.
As governments claim they can not face this trouble alone, the underground association Xenonauts is innovated. Times latterly, the aliens return with mounts and it’s time to defy them to save Earth.

4. Invisible Inc

Invisible Inc is a multiplatform videotape game grounded on the turn- grounded political combat. In addition, it moves down from the XCOM style, since it isn’t about aliens, but about futuristic pots, security guards, and a lot of coverts.

You’ll be part of a private intelligence agency known as Invisible Inc. Thus, you’ll command agents in aimlessly generated secret operations, which gives the game a unique touch. You can progress and acquire further agents, chops, and munitions for your intelligencers.
It should be noted that it’s one of the most grueling XCOM-suchlike games, and it’ll have you on the edge of the president on further than one occasion.

5. Xcom 2 Long War 2 Mod

Although it isn’t a game by itself, a Mod of the original game. It’s worth including it in this list, due to its breadth and originality. Released in early 2017, Long War 2 brings a number of notable new features.

Combat has been modified and better, making munitions more customizable, changing armor, and including a new playable class, the Technician.

In part, although the pace of the story has been changed, the overall plot remains complete to master the aliens and excludes their backers while revealing the verity behind the top-secret Avatar Project. You’ll have to command and plan your colors, complete operations, and plan the assaults.

7. Battletechgames like XCOM

Developed in 2018, Battletech is one of the games analogous to XCOM that puts you in the command post. Although it starts out sluggishly and with complicated mechanics, this bone is relatively amusing when you master it.

The world is controlled by 5 noble houses bogged in a war that has extorted annihilation and backwardness on technology and humanity.

You’ll serve one or further of these houses by commanding a group of mechs and turning them into deadly munitions. you’ll take operations and get involved in colorful political backgrounds and vanquishing. We could tell you further about this game, but we advise you to play it to enjoy it.

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