Technique Manicure With Bouillons

Technique Manicure With Bouillons

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New trends in the field of nail art occur so often that it is sometimes difficult to keep track of them even for the most notorious women of fashion. One of these trends has become a manicure with bouillons or the so-called “caviar” nails design. The word “bouillon” is a derivative of the English “bullion”, which can be interpreted as beads, decor, and precious lace. The bouillons themselves are miniature glass balls (unlike beads, without holes) with a diameter of 1 to 4 mm in different shades and transparency. Marigolds with this design look very bright and festive, so it is not surprising that the manicure with bouillons, as in the photo, is so popular with girls.

Technique Manicure With Bouillons

Features of “caviar” nail design

The main advantage of a manicure with bouillons is in a spectacular design, the ability to create beautiful drawings, patterns, combine beads with other materials, styles, and types of nail art. The application of small beads on the nail plate requires certain skills, but any girl will cope with the simplest versions of performance. Making a “caviar” nail design (this is a gentle nickname manicure received for the similarity of beads with eggs) with your own hands at home is not difficult, and having gained a little experience with this inexpensive versatile material, you will soon be able to implement the most unusual ideas and ideas.

There are beads on the nails and their flaws. These include the fragility of a manicure. Beads do not last long, peeling off and chipping off after two or three days with a normal manicure and after 6-9 days with a manicure with gel polish. The convex pattern can also cause some inconvenience; with sudden and careless movements, the beads cling to clothes and hair, especially if you have to carefully handle thin fabrics and tights.

Technique Manicure With Bouillons

Materials and training

Preparation for creating a manicure with bouillons is a standard procedure. Nails are cleaned, processed, the cuticle is removed. The work will require the following materials (the list varies depending on the type of coating and method of applying the decor):

  1. Base coat.
  2. A varnish for a color basis (it is selected according to shades of the future decor) or gel varnish.
  3. Topcoat;
  4. Fan brush to remove excess granules.
  5. Dense (rubber) base or glue to create patterns.
  6. Thin brush for a thick base.
  7. Toothpick, orange stick or special dots for applying and correcting the pattern of granules.
  8. A container with high edges for mixing the beads and the broths themselves of pre-selected size, shape, and color

Technique Manicure With Bouillons

Manicure with bouillons on the usual varnish

For this option, it is better to choose a coating with a thick consistency. So the lacquer will harden a little longer, and the granules-beads will dive deeper into it, providing better grip and long preservation of the manicure. To make nail design with bouillons with the usual varnish, follow the steps below:

  • the base is applied on the nail;
  • after drying the base, color varnish is applied in two layers, the second time – after the first one has dried;
  • They are attached to the uncured top layer of lacquer with bouillons (with a continuous coating or partial pattern using special dots, sticks, needles or toothpicks);
  • broths gently pressed, excess shake off the container with a fan brush;
  • possible shortcomings are adjusted with an orange stick;
  • on the dried varnish with granules apply a topcoat, especially carefully processing the outer edge of the nails.

To make tiny granules easier to hook onto a needle, it is worth wetting it in water. If you want to start an acquaintance with the “caviar” manicure with full coverage of the nails with colored balls, just dip your fingers with a damp varnish in turns into a container with granules of the desired color, press them and wait for them to dry. Small and complex patterns are convenient to create with special glue. Draw a pattern with a thin brush moistened with glue on the painted nail plate and sprinkle it with bouillons on top. Glue as necessary the desired area, and shake off the remnants of the beads with a brush.

Technique Manicure With Bouillons

Gel Polish design

This procedure differs from the previous one using a special covering, top, base, and finish. The base and several layers of shellac are step by step applied to the prepared nail plate. Each layer is dried in a UV lamp. After that, the nail is covered with a top, a bouillon is attached with a wand or a needle, if necessary, and the drawing is immediately corrected. After drying with a brush with a top-coat coated on it, the decor is again heated, and then the nails are again dried under the lamp.

It is better to fix bouillons on shellac using a thick rubber base. The bead is selected by a brush with a drop of rubber base, which immediately envelops the granule. After fixing the broths, the nails are polymerized in a UV lamp.

Technique Manicure With Bouillons

Ideas and variations on the subject of a manicure with bouillons

There are many ideas for creating a beautiful manicure with bouillons. In addition, you can certainly add something special to the styles and variations of design already tried by masters, because this type of decor is combined with rhinestones, acrylic powder, painting, stencil patterns, with rubbing and other types of nail art design. With the help of bouillons, you can make a classic everyday manicure, decorate a jacket or invent an exclusive festive themed design. Using different sizes, colors, and combinations of granules, you can easily decorate your marigolds with a beautiful and exclusive coating.

The main thing – to observe a sense of proportion. So, for work and everyday activities, a neutral version with one nail, fully decorated with beads, or small patterns on several nails on a neutral background will be more suitable. The smallest beads are ideal for office manicure, larger beads and creative, bright design with sparkles, rhinestones and rich colors, as in the photo below, should be done on the occasion of a holiday, a party, some special event.

Technique Manicure With Bouillons

One, several or all nails

It is possible to decorate one, several or all nails of hands with any types of “caviar” manicure. The so-called rainbow design with chaotically mixed small beads of all shades of the rainbow looks very bright and cheerful. One embossed and shiny nail will give a zest to the ordinary monochrome design, and in the summer on the beach, it is quite acceptable and a pedicure, made by broths, in whole or in part. Especially stylishly full coverage with granules on the nail plate looks like short and square marigolds, and it is better to decorate long and extended nails with separate elements with broths, as in the photo.

Technique Manicure With Bouillons

Patterns, geometry and figured ornaments

The easiest way to begin an acquaintance with a patterned manicure with bouillons with simple geometric patterns and ornaments. Vertical stripes lined with beads can be complemented with the same color with lines painted with contrasting varnish. The choice of shapes and ornaments with tiny beads is truly endless, here everything depends on your desire and imagination. It can be frosty patterns, triangular, square shapes, hatched and solid lines on contrasting or different tones of the background. They make beautiful flowers, snowflakes, hearts, besides, you can combine them with large beads and rhinestones, a gradient coating or a classic jacket.

Technique Manicure With Bouillons

New Year’s manicure with bouillon

Ideas of a beautiful New Year’s design with beads-granules can be learned in the design of thematic accessories: Christmas balls, gift boxes, packages. Typically, a variety of snowflakes folded from the smallest sparkling broths work well. Such patterns are perfectly combined with purple, blue, ultramarine, blue nails. With some experience, you probably will get a nice pattern in the form of Christmas trees or holiday balls, cones, snowdrifts.

Technique Manicure With Bouillons

French and moon manicure

Lunar manicure with bouillons is considered more practical in terms of durability when small beads of a contrasting or akin shade of lacquer are laid out over the nail hole. Dream up, selecting color combinations, try to emphasize only the outline of the hole. A French dressing with broths is stylish and beautiful, but such a design requires a particularly careful attitude because the edge of the nail plate is particularly often affected by external influences, the beads break away and fall off.

Technique Manicure With Bouillons

Aquarium design with bouillons on the extended nails

Another interesting method for the metered use of the decor of bouillons in manicure is to combine them with aquarium technology. For this type of nail art, along with glass beads, rhinestones, sequins, special threads, pattern blanks, acrylic powder, and pebbles are used. The composition of the listed materials is fixed on the nails, and then the gel is applied to build up to keep even large parts. After that, the surface of the nails is smoothed, polished and covered with a fixer. Manicure is obtained visually volumetric, but not prominent and very beautiful.

Technique Manicure With Bouillons

Ombre and gradient

Both of these techniques, made with small or medium beads (you can enhance the effect of the gradient, changing not only the colors but also the size of the decor), allow you to create a stunning design. Try to combine the Ombra, made a relief coating of bouillons, with marigolds, painted in gradient colors with varnish. Combine shades, solid and gradient coating, combine the palette with the tones of your dress, eye color or mood, and you will come to mind amazing ideas of originality. Good luck in creating a creative design with bouillons!

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