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Interior design applications for smart phones and tablets

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Until recently, interior designers had to resort to software  to design or decorate a space. Currently and thanks to new technologies there are several interior design applications  for  smartphones and tablets that facilitate this work and reach the general public. In this way anyone who needs help for a reform, change the layout or see how a color would look on a wall, can use these simple tools.

You will be able to create plans, distributions and 3D views  or take advantage of many photographic galleries that will give you a good dose of inspiration. So I have made a small selection of applications that I found very interesting.

5D Planner

best Interior design applications

It has a free version that the truth is a bit limited in terms of design. If you want to expand functions and access a broader catalog that gives options to different kinds of payments.

Home style interior design applications

Home-style is an application that in addition to a wide  collection of photos and articles on interiors, allows you to plan, create or furnish a room in 3D.

Also by registering you can share your design with other users. You can do it in three different ways. Take a photograph of the room, choose an existing environment or start from scratch creating your own space. From then on the program gives you the possibility of placing furniture and accessories, visualizing combinations of products and giving color to the walls.

Home Design 3D

top Interior design applications

With this application you can  decorate virtually  any room on a 2D plane and create a 3D preview. It is a very simple application that has  more than 150 types of furniture and decorative objects. You can easily change the color, move from site, etc. When the project is finished it allows to make a  virtual visit  in aerial perspective, or in first person as if you were walking inside the house. There is a free trial version that does not allow saving projects, a full version for $ 6.99 and a Gold version with more advanced features for $ 9.99.

House Interior Design Ideas

Rated as the Wikipedia of interior design, House has a database of more than 13 million  photographs in high resolution. It is an excellent guide that helps you search and sort by decorative style or room type. It also allows to put markers to your photos and create your own idea book with all the ideas that you like. It also gives the possibility to buy products directly from the application and share your photos through an online community.

Floor Plan Creator

With this application you can create plans very easily and quickly. It can be done from already defined rooms or by drawing the plant ourselves. It has a   basic furniture library to place in our design. It is free with the option of a more advanced version for € 7.99 that allows you to export files. At the moment it is only available for Android devices .

Magic Plan

Magic Plan is a complete application that allows, through a photograph, to measure and create rooms in a matter of minutes. You can also  draw the plane manually with the available drawing tools. The application is free for personal use. The  drawback is that you can only export the plans in pdf format. and jpg. or publish them with watermarks. If you want professionally we will have to pay by plane or subscribe to the  payment modalities that it offers. This way you unlock all the objects and you can export them free of watermarks and being able to use them for public and commercial use .

Mark on Call

It is one of the most intuitive and versatile applications of the moment. It has already been considered by The Guardian as one of the 50 best interior design applications. It allows to measure and design planes with great precision and to customize the dimensions of specific furniture. It also has a wide catalog of textures. It also allows you to make a shopping list with products that you have liked or download designs from other users.

Pantone Studio

An indispensable tool for designers as it allows you to capture real colors through a photograph or look for them in digital images. It also serves as a Pantone guide since it has all its color references and its RGB, CMYK and hexadecimal versions. It includes very inspiring content such as Pantone trends, the color of the year or libraries with more than 10,000 colors.

Room Planner Home Design by Chief Architect

best Interior design applications

With Room Planner Home Design you can create very realistic 3D plans and views in a matter of minutes.It has a wide library of models, colors and textures to design and decorate the rooms.The price for iPhone and iPad is $ 9.99 and for Android $ 10.84.

Virtual Interior Design Showcase

This is perhaps the simplest of those I have mentioned, just take a picture of the space we want to furnish and measure an object present in the photo. It gives you the option to select through a furniture catalog  the one that best fits the design you want and thus see virtually how it would look. FREE

Since you ask me about simple programs to design interiors I have put Blip home

Blip home on the list. Although it is not yet available for smart phones it  is worth knowing your web version. It is an application to design in 3D of simple use and with very professional results. The info graphics that are achieved with the rendering is quite realistic . It is also available in three versions, user, professional or company level.

Essential interior design applications

discover Interior design applications


Called the “Wikipedia of interior and exterior design” by CNN, Houzz has the largest database of ideas for interior design applications on the network, with more than 2,000,000 high-resolution photos. Search for photos by style, room and location and then store them, is the equivalent of cut-out design magazines for a scrapbook.


This app allows you to design a dream apartment by including all kinds of products such as furniture, accessories and wallpaper from a database of more than 1000 images.

Apart from being equipped with a gallery that compiles a list of selected elements, it allows you to import images from the Internet, the camera or the computer, draw on images and choose from a wide library of people, symbols and backgrounds to personalize a design. Available for iPhone and iPad.

Auto desk Home style

Here you can see how those home design ideas come to life in a photograph of your own space and experiment with models of real products in high quality 3D. Available for iOS and Android.


This is a crazy app that turns a magazine into an interior design applications through a scale magazine. This application allows you to design a virtual room, and then buy the furniture.

Finally, whether you’re interior designers, an interior design addict or a home decor lover, you’ve always dreamed of having a beautiful and neat house, like the perfect picture on Pinterest, these apps allow the interior design applications to stay in trend and also share his work with other people.

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