Nox app player review

Nox app player review: A great android emulator

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Nox App Player is an excellent Android emulator for Windows with which to start the mobile system on your computer and use all your apps. When one talks about “Android emulator for computer” normally BlueStacks usually jump to mind. No wonder: this software “emulation” has become tremendously popular thanks to its compatibility and simplicity. So, it almost became standard when it comes to booting Android applications and games on devices not prepared for it. But Nox App is not far behind. 

Nox app player review

Nox app player review

If we had to compare both tools, we would say that Nox App Player seems more stable. It has greater compatibility with Android apps and offers a more updated interface. In essence, it is almost like starting the mobile system in the window of any program of Windows. Perhaps this is one of its biggest drawbacks: it is only suitable for Windows. But, if you have a PC, and you want to use mobile applications in it, it’s a great solution.

A great Android emulator for Windows

Although the “Player” is within the software denomination, Nox App is not a simple application player: with this Android emulator. You can experience the mobile system on the desktop. Currently, it is maintained in 4.4.2 KitKat, thereby offering great compatibility for the apps. And with Google Play Store built-in series, a sign that you can download most of the applications you have purchased for your mobile device onto your computer.

Nox app player review

Nox App Player transports an Android tablet with KitKat to the Windows desktop offering tools adapted to get it transformed into a desktop system. Possibility to change the orientation, to anchor or not the virtual buttons of the dock (very useful if you do not use a physical keyboard), take full advantage of the PC hardware, stable and much more fluid than other solutions (BlueStacks, for example) … Deserves It’s worth trying.

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To install Nox App Player, just go to its website and download the latest version in the form of an executable .exe file. Currently, it is in 3.5.1.o with Android 4.4.2 and kernel adapted to Intel and AMD processors. It is free, does not include any type of advertising (beyond an app with recommendations), there is no cost for the use and it is kept updated and up to date. Beyond being KitKat, of course.

Why it is good?

Nox app player review

Nox App Player comes by default with everything you need to install and experiment with applications. On the one hand, it brings the Google Play Store with the built-in Play Services, which guarantees compatibility with what we already have on the phone. Beyond that it can also be run on Nox, we can also install Apks without complications. The box of unknown origins is marked by default; above, the ROOT has also been made .

You can give free rein to the experimentation without leaving the PC thanks to Nox App Player. The system and mobile applications accessible from a window in the computer. All with just execute the .exe of the program and knowing that any change you make will be recorded in the system. What use can it be given? For example:

  • Using Instagram from the computer, thus avoiding the inconvenience of using the mobile phone for a professional account.
  • See large screen applications that only used in the mobile.
  • Have a window with all the notifications and you can answer them directly from the computer as you would on the mobile.
  • Games can be started more comfortably. Like the FPS or those that require command. It is easier to connect a PAD to the computer or simulate it with the virtual keyboard and pad.
  • You will have WhatsApp complete in the computer with the possibility of starting a different line in the mobile.
  • Nox App Player is perfect to experiment without risk of damaging the phone. It also serves to test newly developed applications.


advantages of using Nox App Player

As you can see, the advantages of using Nox App Player in the computer can be many and varied, everything will depend on the use you give it. Always with a more than decent performance. We have not encountered problems at any time and without encountering palpable limitations.

Welder, BlueStacks, the next version of ChromeOS compatible with the Google Play Store … There are already a few ways to start Android apps in a computer window. We can even virtualize an x86 version of Android using VirtualBox or similar. But among all of them, for its simplicity and for the stability that we have found, we are left with Nox App Player.

If you have not yet tried it and you are interested in giving it a try, Nox App Player is available on its website. We recommend it.

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