How to find deleted youtube videos

How to find deleted youtube videos

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Currently, YouTube has become one of the most popular entertainment sources around the world, this is because the platform offers content for all kinds of interests. The user will be able to find everything from documentaries (about history, science, or philosophy), product reviews, tutorials, to videos of cute cats doing funny things.

Despite the fact that the platform has a huge offer of content, and that it increases every day, sometimes users have problems to re-watch a video that they saw months ago since said content is no longer available on the platform.

However, there are a couple of methods to find that video that was “deleted” from YouTube.

Search the video by URL

‘Wayback Machine’ is a service that has copies of a huge number of websites, so it is possible to search for content that was removed from a web page. To use this tool you only need to copy the URL of the video you want to search for, the page also offers a kind of calendar that shows the different copies that the platform has made of a specific video over time.

Thanks to the fact that this page saves HTML content from the source code of a website, it is possible to play the videos in a normal way and you can also visit the channel of the user who published it.

Use an alternative search engine How to find deleted youtube videos


‘Petey Vid’ is a powerful search engine that displays search results on more than 60 different platforms, YouTube, social networks, web pages, and forums. The creators of this platform assure that this service offers diverse and “unbiased” results.

This service does not use cookies, nor does it save or collect IP addresses, thus ensuring total protection of user privacy. However, this service does not promote pornography, gambling, or sites that promote hate or violence against a population.

Look for the video on other platforms

In the event that the video has been removed from YouTube, due to a copyright claim or policy violation, there are other services such as Vimeo,  Dailymotion, or VK  that could host the video you are looking for.

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