How to factory reset ps4

How to factory reset ps4

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We are going to explain how to reset your PlayStation 4 to its factory settings. So that if you are going to sell it, loan it, recycle it, or just want to start from scratch, you can do it easily. I warn you since doing it thoroughly is a process that can take several hours. And that once you do it you will lose all the data installed on the PS4.

It is therefore recommended to make backup copies of your content and make sure that you want to delete everything. By doing this, it will be as if you thoroughly format the console. And erase all the data by reinstalling your operating system. And that when it is turned on the next time it will look like it was just bought. You can also do a quick wipe of the data, but it is less recommended if you are giving the console to someone.

Reset your PS4 and erase everything

The first thing you have to do is turn on the console and enter your profile. Once inside, press up with the controller to display a row of options. In this row, go to the right and click on the Settings option that you will see with the icon of a toolbox.

Once inside the console settings, you have to go to the bottom of the row with all the sections in which the console configuration options are arranged. At the bottom, click on the Initialization section that will

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You will go to a screen where you will have three different options. First, you can delete the writing dictionary. And with the second option you can restore all the settings without touching the games you have installed, everything will be deconfigured but the games will still be there. But to delete absolutely all the data. You have to click on the Initialize PS4 option that you have in third place.

How to factory reset ps4

When you enter the option to Initialize PS4, you can choose the quick or full method. Here, it is best to click on the Complete method to make sure that all the data you have in the console is erased. This method will take more than an hour. The fast one is an option if you are going to start using the console yourself right away. But if you are going to get rid of it it is not advisable because the data erasure is not very thorough, and some files could be recovered.

You will have to go through two confirmation windows. In the first one, you are told that the data and users will be deleted. Deactivating the console for users who have it activated in their profiles. Here, click on the Initialize button to continue.

After disabling the console for users, you will go to the last screen. It’s your last option to back down. If you click on No, you will cancel the process. And if you click YES, the console will restart and begin to format and reset itself, deleting all the data on it. It is important that you do not turn it off or do anything with the console while performing the operation.

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