how to restore deleted apps on iphone

How to Restore Deleted Apps on iPhone

Applications are downloadable programs on all types of tablets and smartphones. It is located in the virtual stores, which offer free and paid apps. Once downloaded, they are automatically installed on the device of your device, causally inserting themselves in a list. This system also happens if your phone is an iPhone. Obviously, by downloading many applications, it can happen that they are accidentally deleted accidentally. So if you intend to recover them, you have to follow a specific procedure. In the following guide, I explain how to restore deleted apps on iphone.

How to recover twitter messages

How to recover twitter messages? Is it possible?

Are your twitter messages deleted? Do you want to recover it? If so, here we guide you How to recover twitter messages. It is possible, and the method is called Tweleted. But Tweleted doesn’t work. You can try Snapbird. Tom Scott creates the method. In our previous article, we talked about the using method of multiple twitter account. Now, retrieve deleted messages from your Twitter account. 

Photoshop alternatives

Best Photoshop Alternatives: Choose Which One is Suitable for You

Today, I’m going to go over five free Photoshop alternatives. Now, these alternatives are going to be available so either for your Windows or Mac depending on what you’re using or even on Chromebook. With some of these now these are great programs to use at different entry levels whether you’re more the advanced user or the beginner. They’re a little bit different for each one. So, take a look at the ones that suit you the best. Let’s, get started with the top 5 free Photoshop alternatives.

how to use send anywhere

How to Use Send Anywhere? Transfer Files Android to iPhone

It is very well known by most users of iOS and Android operating systems that it is impossible to send files via Bluetooth between an iPhone device and an Android device. You can transfer files such as your photos, music. similar to Bluetooth (Direct Pairing) using Wi-Fi. On this article, we will tell you how to use send anywhere. It will make this task much easier, the process is quite simple to perform. You can pass any file between an iPhone and an Android.