How to Welcome Visitors to your Workplace

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Visitors to your workplace are part and parcel of being at work for the majority of companies. Some will have more than others, depending on what the nature of the business is, but it is good to give a pleasant first impression to all visitors coming to your workplace.

Here are a few things that you can do to help with this…

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Have a Comfortable Reception and Waiting Area – When visitors arrive it is important that you give a good first impression and make sure that they feel comfortable. Having a place that they can wait in comfort if necessary and a pleasant reception area give a good first impression and makes guests feel more at ease.

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Make it Safe – Safety is the number one thing that you should be thinking about for all staff and visitors at work. Having a log of your visitors using something like this Ofec visitor sign in system, does not only keep them safer if a fire were to break out but it also gives a professional feel to your workplace.

Give Clear Directions – Although you know how to get to work, it is stressful to try and find a place if you don’t know. This is a common problem, especially if you are in a large business park or complex. Providing visitors with clear directions will make them feel more confident about finding you and ensure that they are able to arrive on time and in a stress-free way!

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