What Items Can’t You Store in Self Storage?

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A storage unit is a great solution when you’re downsizing, moving, remodelling or just need some extra space. But there are a few items you shouldn’t put in your rental. These include hazardous materials, flammable liquids and chemicals, weapons, plants and animals. It’s also important not to store items that are stolen or illegal. A storage facility manager can easily report such items to the police if they suspect them.

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Fireworks are another item that shouldn’t be stored in self storage. That includes sparklers, Roman candles, rockets and more. They can explode and cause serious injuries or even death.

Chemicals, flammables and toxic materials should also be kept far away from a self storage unit. The list is long, but it’s easy to spot the most obvious ones. Anything that can catch fire or be explosive, like gasoline, propane, oil, paint and cleaning products, is a no-go. It’s also best to avoid storing any kind of household cleaners like mineral spirits, hair spray or nail polish remover. These can be flammable and can cause damage to the rest of your belongings, as well as other units in the building. For advice about Self Storage Dudley, contact anchorselfstorage.co.uk/self-storage/dudley

Live plants are also a no-go in storage. They need sunlight, water and air to survive, which isn’t something that will be available in a storage unit. If you plan on keeping your plants in a storage unit, consider planting them in containers that can be moved inside or giving them to a friend to take care of.

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Furnishings and appliances are okay to store in a self storage unit, but you need to make sure they’re in good condition before putting them in storage. Damaged items will only get worse while they’re in storage. Before storing your appliances, clean and dry them thoroughly to prevent mould and mildew.

Taking the time to box up seasonal decorations before putting them into storage can help you stay organised and save space. It’s a good way to make room in your house for the new holiday decor, and it helps you keep everything from the Halloween inflatables to the Christmas blowup displays out of the way. Organising your decorations in boxes that are clearly labelled with the season will also make it easy for you to retrieve them when the time comes to set them up again.

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