create a poster

How to create a poster with Microsoft Word

A friend of yours has asked you to give him a hand in creating a poster with Microsoft Word because he wants to advertise an activity or an event. As usual, you could not say no and now you find yourself having to complete a job that you do not feel able to perform flawlessly. In fact you have opened Microsoft Word, the famous Microsoft software, but you realized you did not know the right options to use.

Do not worry: if you want I can explain how to create a poster with Microsoft Word. I guarantee you that it is not at all complicated as it seems! In fact, all you have to do is choose the size of the page you want to use for the poster, insert the texts and images that you want to highlight and you’re done. And if you’re wondering, you can get the job done using both the desktop version of Microsoft Word, its web application (Microsoft Word Online) and even its official app for smartphones and tablets.

WiFi network

How to increase the speed of your WiFi network

From the past few years the Internet connection suffered a great leap in terms of quality. But, above all, it gained in speed and stability. At last we could forget having to disable the internet connection every time we wanted to talk on the phone, and access to websites and downloads was done with a speed never seen.

But what really changed the connectivity in our homes was WiFi. Being able to be connected to a network wireless, without any cable, din ties and with total freedom was, without doubt, a great step. But like everything, it also has some limitations, and I’m sure that on some occasion you have missed more speed in your WiFi connection. Keep reading and we will explain how to improve both the quality of your connection and the speed of it. Can you come with us?


7 Tips to get you beating in Photoshop

The most famous digital image editor has many functions! Check out seven essential tricks to work on your photos. There is nothing more frustrating than taking a photo you wanted and then realizing that the lighting did not go the way you wanted or that it highlighted minor flaws in the environment. You cannot just go to the place and take another, right?

To solve these problems digital image editors emerged and became popular at the end of the last century. With them, you can enhance photos, add effects, enhance lighting and contrast, and more.


How to use OneNote

You often have to take notes on information, ideas or appointments but, not having a pen and paper, you are looking for a solution to use on the devices you use every day. But you are not looking for a simple app or software to create notes, but you need a solution that can make your notes available on any platform you use. Do not worry, I think I have the answer to your needs: OneNote.

OneNote is a free software developed by Microsoft, available both on computers and on mobile devices, thanks to which you can take notes by creating notes available at any time on all devices connected to your Microsoft account. How do you say? Is that what you were looking for? Very well! Because in this article I will explain how to use OneNote step by step using all the devices on which the application is available.

QR codes Uses and advantages in the business environment

QR codes: Uses and advantages in the business environment

QR code, a growing trend: How QR codes are used in the corporate business?

The business generated by the QR code is constantly growing: By 2022 about 5.3 billion coupons can be redeemed by smartphones via QR codes and as many as 1 billion mobile devices will support functions for reading QR codes.

The surveys conducted by Juniper Research, a leading company in the marketing insights sector, highlight the growing positive trend regarding the use of the QR code: two-dimensional codes are registering a particularly positive diffusion thanks to the continuous development of the Internet and the technological potential of mobile devices. The QR codes are now an integral part of everyday life: just think of Apple’s iOS 11 update which has made it possible to abandon specific applications by scanning 2D codes exclusively through the smartphone’s camera.