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Android Applications To Improve Your Lifestyle

5 Best Android Applications To Improve Your Lifestyle

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One of the things that most people worry about is their lifestyle. Our society forces us to live to the limit, neglecting our body and filling us with high levels of stress, something that has a very negative impact on all aspects of our lives. If you think it is time to stop for a moment to see how you can improve your lifestyle, through the three main elements (body, mind and spirit), do not miss this list with the best applications to improve your lifestyle, with such interesting apps as Google Fit, Fabulous, Meditation Course, Sleep Bot, and Wunderlist.


Google Fit

Android Applications To Improve Your Lifestyle

One of the most important things to improve your lifestyle is exercise, and one of the most important Android applications to control your physical activity is Google Fit. The application keeps track of any activity you do, offering you data on your achievements instantly, with statistics that can also be fed from other apps, such as measuring your weight, your sleep or your diet, so you have a complete picture how your body is doing day by day


Android Applications To Improve Your Lifestyle

One of the things that are lately very fashionable to improve the lifestyle is personal coaching, and this can also help your smartphone thanks to applications such as Fabulous, which offers a self-coaching experience. The application shows you goals to improve your lifestyle, or as they point out in the app, to “train your happiness”, through different aspects of life. Tips, tracking data, or inspirational phrases, are some of the elements that will help you achieve it.

Meditation Course

Android Applications To Improve Your Lifestyle

One of the most effective ways to forget about stress, one of the elements that most affects our lifestyle, is to concentrate on stress that does not exist, and to achieve it nothing better than an application as a Meditation Course. It is a series of theoretical concepts that are accompanied by practices , with which you will learn to do meditation exercises with which you will forget all the mundane for a while, and get energy for the day to day. The exercises can be programmed depending on the time you have, and you can apply music and a gong to notify you of the end of the exercise.

Sleep Bot

Android Applications To Improve Your Lifestyle

And nothing worse for a healthy lifestyle and balanced than the lack of sleep. If you have trouble sleeping (one of the main causes of stress), then you will be interested in installing the SleepBot Tracker application. In it you will find a companion who will help you to keep track of your sleep hours throughout the year, thus being able to study your sleep cycles. But it also provides you with a series of supplements to improve sleep, such as sound and alarm managers, tips, or information about sleep health.


Android Applications To Improve Your Lifestyle

And although we put the last of the list, the fact is that Wunderlist is very important, since a basic step to balance your life is to organize it, and for this you may need the help of an application like this. You can create different lists of tasks (for work, for home …), organize them according to relevance or award those deadlines and reminders, and even share them in case they are joint tasks. In this way you will manage time better, earning without giving you hours at the end of the week that you can use for other things and freeing yourself from the stress of leaving things for the last minute or even forgetting them.

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