Inbound Marketing strategy

How to make an Inbound Marketing strategy in your company

Inbound Marketing strategy consists of combining non-intrusive marketing and advertising techniques in order to reach the user. This marketing strategy is based on attracting potential customers with relevant and valuable content through various channels, such as blogs or social networks. With the aim of achieving the lowest user acquisition cost possible and obtaining a clear value in the content.

The Inbound Marketing launches a strategy, in the medium-long term, that allows us to know the user better, give valuable content, help him better understand his needs and, therefore, turn it into a prescriber of our product/service.

Latest business technology

Latest business technology that will drive digital businesses in 2019

Over the years, latest business technology has become a vital factor for organizations that want to grow and be at the forefront of competition.

Precisely the adoption of new technologies implies one of the biggest challenges that companies must face today. It’s not only to make a difference in the competition but also to get closer to their customers.

Social Networks

Corporate Social Networks: 8 reasons to bet on them

Do not know what are the Corporate Social Networks?

There is no doubt that social networks have changed our habits and way of relating.

We think that, just as in our day to day we use these tools, we can incorporate an internal professional social network in our company or organization to improve and add value.

It seems interesting, right?

If you want to know better what exactly these Corporate Social Networks (or internal) are and all the benefits they can bring in your professional environment, do not miss this post.