create a poster

How to create a poster with Microsoft Word

A friend of yours has asked you to give him a hand in creating a poster with Microsoft Word because he wants to advertise an activity or an event. As usual, you could not say no and now you find yourself having to complete a job that you do not feel able to perform flawlessly. In fact you have opened Microsoft Word, the famous Microsoft software, but you realized you did not know the right options to use.

Do not worry: if you want I can explain how to create a poster with Microsoft Word. I guarantee you that it is not at all complicated as it seems! In fact, all you have to do is choose the size of the page you want to use for the poster, insert the texts and images that you want to highlight and you’re done. And if you’re wondering, you can get the job done using both the desktop version of Microsoft Word, its web application (Microsoft Word Online) and even its official app for smartphones and tablets.